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Welcome! DayWarez is your best place to find and download various files for anyone needs! We have best team for research and re-share any files for all audience, independently of age or sex.
We have all latest released movies of every genre, all apps such as antivirus tools with suitable cracks or keygens, music whatever you would like to listen too! Shortly, whatever it can be downloaded it’s available at our rich media directory!

Our team developed special algorithmic application which automatically researches search engine sites for latest released files and their updates so we automatically get notifications when every new file or update gets published to the internet for download and of course we gather it as soon as possible and add it to our site. We are giving our best to became internet No.1 resource for getting warez related stuff. Currently our main goal is working on related forums which will be much different from competitor ones such as warez-bb and others who use public forum platforms like MyBB, vBulletin and such. But at our place the forum platform will be custom designed one by our professional programmers who are working in this field for more then ten years of experience at web security, database optimization and similar jobs and have worked for many reputable companies all over the web!

Any of files we share at this site will not be hosted on same. We will just review certain file and put description for it, but download link won’t lead to DayWarez’s servers due to it’s illegal on a country where this site is hosted to host these kind of files which are in 99% cases violates copyright laws. So for download your chosen file there will be provided links to third party sites chosen by our choice. Don’t worry, we will always choose the best solution host which has decent download speed and overall good one, safe from viruses as well. Satisfaction from our service will always be above average.