Gmail, GMX, Zoho, iCloud email hacker software is threatening their security systems

All free email providers are working to secure their database from hacking attacks as strong as possible. But at same time, black-hat hackers are searching for new ways to break inside those protected servers too. So this is like never ending cat and mouse game.

Latest rumor claim that over 50,000 Gmail and 30,000 Outlook/Hotmail accounts got stolen from users all around the word. So just imagine you use one of these free e-mail provider accounts for years and you never deleted any message from your inbox. Then at the end your account gets hacked. I’m afraid to even mention if you’ve used it for business purpose. Conclusion from this: You’re in BIG trouble!

Email accounts stolen

This is why everyone should do maximum of your effort to protect every of your online account as higher possible! Use all existing solutions you read everywhere. And most important ones are:

1. Never use same password on multiple accounts. Every of your password should be different. One for Facebook, 2nd for Instagram, 3rd for Gmail, 4th for whatever else, and so on.

2. Use paid antivirus software. Why? Because hackers make new spyware/ worms/etc every day which are likely possible undetected by most AV’s. When antivirus tools detect each new ones, they put it on detected known list of malware. So when having updated good AV you’re staying in touch with every new harmful list of potential viruses.

Example of newest email hacker tool can be found below.

You need to remember that every detail about yourself you share online can be used against you for a skilled hacker.
It takes short moment until you lose everything.

Hack email with phone number

Just with using a phone number, attacker can easily find other information about you and use it on final stage to break inside your profile. There is a whole list of wikileaks e-mails on Reddit so you can take a look by yourself.

With using a built in Windows tool CMD a hacker can extract all related information from a web just if they know someones full address.
Extracting code

So make sure to observe all mentioned important steps above and secure your online accounts from dangerous cracking attempts.