PS2 Emulator App for Android & iOS is released

PS2 Emulator for AndroidHello guys! There has been long time since last post. I apologize due to many obligations IRL I was inactive for some time here.
PS2 Emulator for Android is the tool what I’m gonna talk about today. Application “APK” for any Google’s operating system device like tablet or smartphone, how its creators claims it works on. Really interesting. I was browsing one gaming forum this morning for some news and stopped by on this one. I have to admit it really impressed me because at that moment I felt really nostalgic because it reminded me how enjoying times I was spending with my PlayStation 2 console long time ago when I still was in primary school.

Anyway I decided to get it right away and test it by myself on my Samsung S6. The PS2 Emulator APK named “PS2Smart” is available to download on its official website. Installation process is normal like any other app you are getting on Android system. And when you first start the program it will take few minutes until it scans your device for its specifications and then it coordinates itself to it to give you best quality for playing (Like graphics, FPS, sounds quality and so). It’s great thing so you don’t have to do all these configuration stuff manually like for many other console emulation software. It’s annoying and you even don’t know how to do it by yourself if you’re not experienced enough about computing, but need to go search online for help for all king of tutorials which is really time eating. That’s why this one have big plus from me when it’s about this case.

I’m not sure if you know. But PSX (PlayStation 1) emulator for Android have been released for a long time already and it’s fully working. There are even different producers of it and different versions. You can check most popular ePSXe on Google Play, and other ones with similar function. What I’m saying is if PSX one for Android exist for years already for mobile phone and it’s fully working with no bugs, why there shouldn’t be one for PS2 as well? Technology has advanced from now and mobile devices are powerful enough to run PS2 games. After testing the one I’m discussing about today on my own, now I finally believe it’s true.

Thank you for your read guys and have a great time playing with this beast. Stay tuned for our next reviews!