Software and Applications – Our Primarily Shares

While at Day Warez we will review all kind of downloadable files such as games, movies, music, graphics,  documents and such, our primarily reviews is going to be software files, applications, programs and similar ones. Whilst these ones in our opinion are most useful ones, because no technology devices wouldn’t work like we can see it if there is no certain software (operating system) installed inside it. This kind of software is a bran of such device because it’s giving him orders what to do and connects stated devices with humans.
So let’s now go trough all kind of apps we are going to share at our warez site.

Cracks & Keygens
KeygensThese are most searched files in general at warez world. Anyone who downloaded some program like video player, antivirus, some game or any application which they want for free, whey will have to register it using some serial number a stated program requires. Of course if you legally want to register such software you would need to buy it for real money and then depends of the tool if you’re going to pay for license every month or it’s for lifetime. But obviously we don’t want to pay any money eh? 🙂 So to register any software for free we will need crack or keygen file.
– Difference between these two is crack you’ll need to use after installation so you will need to copy and replace current app’s starting .exe file located at c:\Program Files\*YourProgramsInstallationDirectory*. So after replacement you just have to run installed program like you normally do and everything should work fine.
But keygen you use while installing a program so when it asks you registration key you use keygen to generate you some pre-cracked working one, then you just input it and ta-damm, desired program has been successfully registered!

Antivirus Programs
These ones are as well massively searched all over warez and torrent sites. Everyone needs free antivirus and nobody wants to pay legally for same of course. Nowadays there are tons of antivirus tools so we assume some internet beginner user don’t have any idea what to install, which one is better from other or anything. So he/she just type into Google for “antivirus download” and hope he will went to some site which will immediately give him the right one.
But in most cases these internet beginner guys ends with downloading some virus or malware file instead of antivirus software so their PC starts to crach and then they need to went with their computer to technician to fix it and install new OS if these malware bugs destroyed it.
But enough with that. To find right antivirus software for your needs simply Google for like “top 10 antivirus tools in 2014” and such and you will get many sites with right rich reviews for good ones. We are now not going to advertise which one is good and why, but we will going to tell you about some leading good ones currently in the world. These are Kaspersky, AVG, ESET, Avast, BitDefender and others. Research about the one you think is right for you, download it and install it. We are going to put them on our downloadable list as soon as we finish with our forums database so make sure to stay tuned to our mail news!

These two above are main searchable programs at warez world so we are not going to discuss about others one currently but only will mention it. They are: graphics editing tools, video editing tools, ISO files mounting tools, Microsoft office tools and many others!

Stay tuned for our next reviews!